Electro Pusher Trios (mixed by prim8king)

by Various Artists



From the sci-fi laced introduction to the closing moments of suspense, Electro Pusher Trois delivers everything to be desired of a skull-bashing, blood-spitting party punk gone full-on electro party dance mix … while appealing to genre aficionados, weekend dabblers and corporate trendsetters alike.

“I wanna try to be lucky / I wanna try to be cool / I wanna try just to be a bit funky / and I wanna dance with you … feel my sin / you are the one / so baby come on in / I’ll show you the way to go” Klass delivers, providing listeners with a lyrical cushion to soften their initial decent down the mystic and medicated rabbit hole better known as Electro Pusher Trois.

“Dance with me” is the welcome invitation offered by Computer Club and Wired All Wrong to newly Wonderland-ized listeners while Alex Mind & Far Too Loud do a fantastic job of bringing the boogie back with their crowd-pleasing adaptation of the classic 1976 single, “Boogie Nights”, which can be found early on in Electro Pusher Trois.

When sharing the mix with listeners prior to release, prim8king found that there was a positive reaction from a variety of subjects including “those throwing house parties, getting ready to go out for the night or driving to work in their car; to clothing stores and models on the runway … anywhere and everywhere in between.” “There are some true pop gems of our time on this release” he continues, “tracks that people will be gleefully looking back on a decade from now with nostalgia.”

Tracks like Breakdown’s remix of “Pretty Girl” by The Dance Party and “Green City Lights” from The Sneekers out of Lithuania do a great job of keeping the mix fresh and on-point with fans of electro, disco, pop music and electronica as a whole, even while the occasional moments of hilarity peek out from the cracks, such as getting “Stoked” with Whoa Grenade! … “dude, dude … try these nachos.” Not to say that Electro Pusher Trois isn’t serious, as it most certainly is as a whole, and even more so under the microscope of Pendulum’s “The Island Pt. II (Dusk)” and Belzebass’ “Stupid Thinks”, but it is standout tracks like the Skitzofrenix Remix of Don Diablo’s “Animale (ft. Dragonette)” that really get the hooves of the masses clompin’.

There’s at least one track found on Electro Pusher Trois that does already emit a hint of nostalgia, such as Jean Elan’s futuristic remix Royksopp’s “The Girl And The Robot”, featuring pre-Body Talk Robyn, as originally found on the Norwegian duo’s 2009 release, Junior. Not that nostalgia is a bad thing, it’s just something that shouldn’t be overused … luckily for listeners, there’s more new music here than one could shake a (glow)stick at.

As the world and it’s technology move forward, so do the ways artists choose to release their music. If it weren’t for this progression, tracks found forty five minutes and later like Innerpartysystem’s remix of “OMFG” by Deluka or BEATpUNKS remix of ULTRNX’s “Kung Fu” might not otherwise be heard in one sitting. Thanks to the world’s most popular online streaming audio and video destination – YouTube – upgrading certain users’ privileges to include sharing extended length videos, the full-length mixed version of Electro Pusher Trois can now be accessed in its full streaming glory … except by those living in Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and Netherlands, due to content restrictions. If listeners do happen to reside in one of the four aforementioned countries, there’s always Bandcamp!

Closing out the seventy one minutes of sheer electronic bliss otherwise known as Electro Pusher Trois, listeners are treated to two extremely fresh remixes from ULTRNX and Mr. Pink, and one absolutely remarkable track from Pance Party that, almost unknowingly, set standards for remixers across the world, in every style and genre. AG Trio’s “Dancen” will have listeners doing their share before the mysterious DJ prim8king steals into the shadows of night, while Remady’s “No Superstar” reminds those still holding on for dear life that the DJ is really just a man in a monkey suit.

Raising the bar and allowing unbridled creativity and a true ear for melody take hold of the reigns, Pance Party’s Remix of “C’mon” lends itself perfectly to the apex of an already mind-numbing and soul-enriching journey into the depths of electro with entrancing lyrical patterns spiraling verses of “no no no don’t you tell me what to do / cause I’m going on my own”. That’s exactly where prim8king’s going folks…and as the lyrics “oh no / don’t you tell me that you’ve got big plans / mother&*#$er this is in my hands / and I’ll be calling the shots” suggest, with his career he’ll be doing just that.


released March 11, 2011



all rights reserved


prim8king Reno, Nevada

Back again for the fifth installment in the Electro Pusher mix series, prim8king deliveres an impressively forward yet distinctive set of tunes guaranteed to nibble, lick, seduce, catch and captivate your ear.

"It's music that plays itself. Turn it on, turn it up and let it flow." -prim8king
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