1. Electro Pusher Fem
    Various Artists

  2. Electro Pusher Quatre MiniMix
    Various Artists

  3. Electro Pusher Quatre (Compiled & Mixed by prim8king)
    Various Artists

  4. Electro Pusher Trios (mixed by prim8king)
    Various Artists

  5. Silver Atlas - "Fall Away/Can't Give Up (prim8king Remix)"

  6. Electro Pusher Deux [DJ Mix]

  7. Film Noir

  8. Hop Wilson & His Blues Steel Guitar - Rocking In The Coconut Top (prim8king remix)

  9. Electro Pusher [DJ Mix]

  10. Hey Ladies, Its The 80's! [DJ Mix]

  11. Graduation (An Ambient & Interactive UC Berkeley Experience)

  12. Smokeland California

  13. RJ Fatboy D2 - The More I Get Deep

  14. Halloween 07: Burning Souls Pay Deathly Tolls [Live in Oakland CA USA 2007-11-03]

  15. Halloween 07: Burning Souls Pay Deathly Tolls [DJ Mix]

  16. Valentines In Your Mailbox: Clean Lovers Mix

  17. Valentines In Your Mailbox: Dirty Lovers Mix

  18. The Flesh Eating Acid Horror Experiment [DJ Mix]

  19. Primate King Vs. DJ Shadow - Outside The Beats, Freaks And Organs [DJ Mix]

  20. Dancing In The Shadows CD5''

  21. Warren G - Regulators (Primate King's Accelerated Regulation Mix)

  22. Ambient Display of Power (An Ambient Translation of Pantera)

  23. Ambient Chili Peppers

  24. DJ BMB - 365 Warwick #302

  25. The Matt.Tress Mix

  26. Common Vs. Killah Priest [Hip-Hop DJ Mix]

  27. Everlasting Sand Castles [PunkRockReggae & Acoutstic Roots DJ Mix]

  28. Golden Smoke Rings [Classic Reggae DJ Mix]

  29. Primate King Vs. Richie Hawtin [DJ Mix]

  30. Primate King's Elusive Banana Village [Rock DJ Mix]

  31. Primate King's Psychedelic Banana Temple [Psytrance DJ Mix]

  32. Primate King's Subterranean Banana Cave [Drum & Bass / Brekabeat DJ Mix]

  33. Primate King's Ambient Treetop Escape [DJ Mix]

  34. Primate King's Hidden Banana Cache [Electronic DJ Mix]

  35. Primate King's Private Banana Hoard [Hip-Hop DJ Mix]

  36. dj_drunkenmunky - Uncovered 2001 Mixtape [Drum & Bass DJ Mix]


prim8king Reno, Nevada

Back again for the fifth installment in the Electro Pusher mix series, prim8king deliveres an impressively forward yet distinctive set of tunes guaranteed to nibble, lick, seduce, catch and captivate your ear.

"It's music that plays itself. Turn it on, turn it up and let it flow." -prim8king
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